EACH National conference day

European Association for Children in Hospital (EACH) National Conference day Friday September 23th 2016

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Pediatric healthcare: the innovation! What is your role?
How do we organize this in the best way together with child & family and healthcare professionals
Shared views from the Netherlands and other European countries

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Todays healthcare is improving day by day. Because of better healthcare, seriously and chronical ill children can return to their homes and families from the hospital quicker than before. Nevertheless, the fundamental right for children to the best possible healthcare remains, inside or outside the hospital. Every single childs’ reaction, both physical as well as emotional is different from adults, and clearly, every single child is different, as is their family, social background, previous medical experiences, etc. This needs to be addressed in modern healthcare! The Pediatric Healthcare System was created in The Netherlands to cover every aspect in healthcare for children and the best available care is secured. How do other European countries coop with this? And how are the fundamental right for children in healthcare embedded at the moment? 


 Join us on friday 23 September and have your say in the debate!


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