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Microsoft sessie over Artificial Intelligence in health

zondag 27 mei van 10 uur tot 12:00 uur in het Calipolis hotel

Technologie heeft ons leven de afgelopen tien jaar ingrijpend veranderd. Dankzij digitale technologieën zijn we productiever en communiceren, leren en werken we anders. Met cloud-technologie heeft nu iedereen in de zorg beschikking tot snelle innovatie dankzij ongelimiteerde rekenkracht. Kunstmatige intelligentie maakt zorg persoonlijker en versnelt het behandelproces.

We hebben diverse sprekers die vanuit hun eigen perspectief in gaan op dit onderwerp;

The Vision for A.I. in Health; Elena Bonfiglioli, Senior Director, Regional Business Lead Health and Life Sciences, EMEA Microsoft. The goal of empowering every person and every organization with better health outcomes requires a bold move: making systems of intelligence accessible to all. This is what we call “democratizing AI” in health. It means allowing anyone and everyone to build the AI systems they need to provide better clinical and operational effectiveness. 

A.I. in real life; Julian Isla Gomez, Microsoft Employee working on the Artificial Intelligence team, CSO for Dravet Syndrome Federation and Founder of the Foundation Twenty-nine is a NPO using artificial intelligent to improve the life of patients with rare diseases. Julian is software engineer and has solid experience in IT and Health. He is delegate of the European Medicine Agency and advisor of the Spanish Ministry of Health.

The Future Computed – Artificial Intelligence and its role in society; Hans Bos National Technology Officer, Microsoft Netherlands. New technology inevitably raises complex questions and broad societal concerns. As we look to a future powered by a partnership between computers and humans, it’s important that we address these challenges head on. How do we ensure that AI is designed and used responsibly? How do we establish ethical principles to protect people? How should we govern its use? And how will AI impact employment and jobs?

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